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July 10 2012


Bshs 442

Bshs442 - There are many different populations within the world that need advocates. Persons with disabilities are one of the many types of populations specifically children with disabilities. In the Human Services field they are equipped with people can help them get what they need and the services they may require.
Bshs 442 - In this paper we will discuss the problems that may arise and how as an advocate I would help this population. The areas are housing, treatment, short and long-term medical care, education, probation, and lastly domestic violence.
Psy475 - To start with housing of persons with disabilities can be difficult. There are agencies that do help with this such as group homes for those who cannot live on their own due to their disabilities and also section eight housing. The role of the advocate is to help the client get into such housing so that they can work on being their own advocate and letting others know what their wants and needs are. Sometimes it is hard for a person with any disability to get help unless they have an advocate to help them out. One of the big problems I foresee is that sometimes there may be a waiting list for group homes.
Psy 475 - Even though there is an advocate present to help the disabled person they can only do so much in order to get the services the client needs.   Also sometimes finding a house for someone who has a disability and can live on their own but does not have the money to afford one these homes are usually section eight housing.   Sometimes with section eight housing they are put on a list and that could take a while to go through.   Some clients are able to live on their own but still need an advocate to help them find the right housing situation for them. They also have section eight housing for the disabled persons but they might have a long waiting list.

Bshs 442
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